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Professional Impact


As an assessment specialist, organizational clients appreciate how I help clarify their thinking & decsions on issues related to the selection & placement of talent.


Human resource professionals & line managers get that I do the hard work to develop the soft skills of their critical talent ~ so essential for success in an interdependent work environment.


As a coach & trusted advisor, I am known for helping clients sort through ambiguity or confusion ~ as can happen when confronted with competing or opposite priorities ~ or when choosing between equally agreeable or disagreeable options.


I am particuarly effective working with those with strong personalities to better direct & channel their energies. Similarly, I am effective with leaders needing to modify or rebalance a problematic management or leadership style. I am a natural fit for those facing duanting challenges & choice points in their career, at work & in life.


Clients regularly report 'break-throughs' & relief as I have helped them work through roadblocks,  distressing dilemas & conflict at work or elsewhere.


I reintroduce clients to aspects of themselves that may have been long forgotten or are underutilized. I help them imagine new possibilities, establish stronger goals, structure plans, implement follow-up habits & hold themselves accountable.

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