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Assesssment Process


The assesment process begins with a review to understand the overall situation, organizational context & role-specific requirements (as appropriate).


  • Specific information & insight into needs are identified & applied forward to the design & implentation of the assessment process.


Assessments are comprehensive & balanced, utilizing contemporary, yet well-established psychometrics (available online), as well as in-depth interviewing. Assessments fall in two broad categories:


  • In-depth 1:1 personal assessment: to understand an individual's characteristics, motivations, attitudes & thinking processes, particularly as they relate to managerial and leadership competence.

  • 360 degree, survey-based assessment: to measure the impact of an individual's (work/leader) behavior and attitudes on others, particularly peers & direct reports.




  • Assessment conclusions are directed to the originally stated purpose & focus for each situation.

  • Personalized 1:1 feedback is provided with integrated narrative profile summaries to document assessment findings.

  • Ongoing continuity to provide advise, coaching & decision support is assured ~ so insights are validly interpreted & optimally applied to practical concerns & priorities.

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