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Coaching Process


Acquire Context - At the outset we jointly acquire an understanding of the personal or business context (current situation) to provide a backdrop for the coaching.  This may involve conversations with stakeholders, a review of relevant documentation, as well as a consideration of future needs, expectations, aspirations & goals.


Awareness Building - Self-awareness is fundemental to a successful coaching outcome.  An assessment (or review of previous assessments) yields critical insight into the coachee & helps the coaching be more focused, impactful & efficient.  


Setting Objectives - To focus the coaching, an action plan is structured to outline goals. This may include measures of success, timelines, potential barriers & support needed.  If the coaching is sponsored by an organization, the plan may be finalized with the input & approval of the coachee’s manager. Specifics are determined for each situation.


Coaching For Effect - Coaching is undertaken, addressing issues, expanding perspective & discovering actionable solutions. Sessions occur regularly, building forward momentum, guided by the action plan. Each session is structured to ensure time is well-focused, to get as much value as is possible.


Ongoing Evaluation - Inherent in the coaching process is that the coach & coachee be open to discuss the effectiveness of the coaching relationship.  Ultimately, the impact of the coaching program is assessed by surveying stakeholders for evidence of the coachee’s change with respect to the coaching objectives & goals.

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