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I consult to ambitious, committed people interested in freeing-up & optimizing talent ~ whether that is for themselves or to get the best from their team ~ so they may:


  • contribute to the prosperity of their businesses

  • maximize their influence & leadership impact

  • give more freely at work, their home & to their community


Humanistic in my approach, I accept the intrinsic worth & growth potential in everyone. I take a holistic approach, recognizing that people are more than who they first appear.  I am diligent to help people manage themselves to be they best that they are able. I also help organizations create healthy, productive & sustainable workplace environments that enhance enterprise-wide innovation, productivity and profitability. 


I have never liked the label, ‘assessment’ ~ I prefer the term, appreciation ~ When it comes to people, there are few inherent strengths or weaknesses. Rather, people have characteristics which are assets or liabilities, depending on the specific situation & context they find themselves in.


As a coach, I accept that people have a right to free choice & consequently own the responsibility for the impact of their action or inaction. I foster an environment so that clients may take action based on a full consideration of who they are, as well as their situation, interests, goals & what they are willing to do.


I strive to be neutral, but not-at-all indifferent.

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